Why I’m Grateful To Be Doing Too Many Things

It’s not the quantity that matters, but the variety.

I’ve got a lot of disparate, engaging, time-sensitive commitments going on. (Who doesn’t? I know. It just feels especially salient to me right now.)

It would be tempting to feel scattered at best and panicked at worst, but I’m trying to remember that my current circumstances are a gift.

I’m reminded of when I was planning my wedding and got some particularly good advice that went@ something like,

Remember to keep doing your hobbies. Don’t let yourself always be wedding planning. Continue being you.

I must confess it was tough to do. I’ve previously subscribed to some self-talk that says, “I love immersing myself in one thing at a time. I hate to be pulled in too many directions. I wouldn’t want to be spread thin.” And yet, that little wiser voice inside told me that juggling a few more balls would do me some good.

So that’s what I tried to do. This was part of the reason why I chose the month of my wedding to commit to 30 consecutive days of publishing on Medium.com.

Creating space for more than one thing I’m passionate about was rewarding for a number of reasons:

  1. It gave me a much-needed break from wedding planning.
  2. It helped make me a better wedding planner by allowing me to be more relaxed and less attached to outcomes.
  3. It made my identity more like a moving target — harder to hit and hold onto. It reminded me that I was more than a bride, more than a writer, mentor, thinker, friend, or daughter. I was all of those things, and therefore also none of those things.
  4. It made me less of a dullard. No one wants to hear about anything all the time, especially wedding planning.
  5. It was more fun. I got to do lots of things I like instead of one.
  6. It helped me feel even more competent. I realized I was capable of more than I thought I was. I discovered that we as people are capable of more than we think we are. If we can let go of some of our anxious, stressed-out, insecure thinking, we have a lot more time to do stuff.

These are the lessons I carry with me as I enter this new time of too much to-do.

I am madly in love with many of the things I’m doing, which means it can be difficult to let the one I’m working on go to mentally move into the next one.

But then I remember the rewards I might reap from stretching myself.

I remember that each moment has gifts to give and lessons to learn.

I remember to take each moment one moment at a time. And I try to not try too hard to do just that.

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