Wake up!

Now’s as good a time as any.

Hey friend,

This is one of those moments.

Right now.

You can keep chasing your tail down the rabbit hole of whatever it is you’re thinking very hard about, ruminating on, obsessing over, figuring out, or worrying about.


You can wake up from all that.

Right now.

You can go, “Oh yeah, that’s not where it’s at.”

And you can look to the calm core at your center.

You don’t need to do anything there. Nor accomplish anything. Nor come back armed with any particular knowledge.

Just to hang out there.

Right now.

Are you there?

Isn’t it nice?

That’s all you need to do, dear friend. The rest takes care of itself.

1 thought on “Wake up!”

  1. Tie a string around your finger so that, in case you hit a point in your day where you forget that you’re a delightful being on this planet, the string can remind you to come back and re-read this comment, because you certainly are one!


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